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Focused on services to keep your pets happy and healthy.
Our Philosophy

One size does NOT fit all. Every pet and every pet family needs and deserves care and attention that is designed to fit your situation. Whether you need a quick walk because you have to burn the midnight oil at the office, a “sleep over” for the well-deserved vacation or for daily help keeping your pet happy and healthy, at Four Paws Orlando, our Concierge team is there to assist with all of your pet care needs.

Your Pet’s Personal Concierge

Our goal is to be everything you need to make your pet’s life a happy and healthy one.  Our Concierge team is certified in Pet First-Aid & CPR and is knowledgeable in many areas of pet care:  exercise, behavior techniques and modification, holistic remedies, healthy food and treat alternatives and so much more.

You're not just a number...

Your service begins with a comprehensive initial in-home consultation that will allow us to meet your pet(s), gather critical information such as vet name, address and contact information, allergies, fears or behaviors we should know about, food, treats and just about anything else we need to know about your pet and your home. We will also ask for a complete tour of your home so that our Concierge will be familiar with your pet’s surroundings for your pet’s safety as well as ours.

We will ask you to provide 2 keys to your residence (one for permanent safe keeping in our office key safe and one for your Concierge.) If you ever find yourself locked out, you can always call and we’ll be there to assist. We’ll also ask for you to enter a special code for your Concierge in your alarm system to assure that we are always able to arm and disarm your security systems without causing false alarms. The safety of your pet, your home and the Concierge are always top priority at 4Paws!

We generally like at least 1 week advance notice to conduct the initial in-home consultation before your first service. However, we understand that emergencies do happen and we’ll make every attempt to accommodate your request. 

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